Selling their London home and buying a decaying rural pile in the wilds of Dorset, England, seems to Bill and Alison Cavendish the perfect way to swap the stresses and strains of the city for a peaceful new life in the countryside, with the added bonus of cash in the bank.


Unfortunately the manor house which captures their interest in the picturesque village of Little Daunting has problems far older, deeper and nastier than rats and dry rot. The cellars conceal a terrible, shocking secret; one which dates all the way back to the Witch hunts of the 17th century and to those who would steal living bodies in the quest for eternal life.


As Bill and Alison soon discover, at least one of the villagers knows far more than he is admitting about the gruesome events that have been taking place in the ancient, walled-off catacombs, which lie concealed under the neighboring churchyard. When Bill and Alison and their new gypsy allies investigate, they find themselves lifting the lid on an unimagined horror...


Catacombs of the Damned is a sexy, shocking horror story for adults